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Alameda Point Collaborative is a supportive housing community that uses all its resources to help families and individuals break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.  We are the largest supportive housing provider for homeless families in Alameda County, and our wide range of services give residents the tools they need for long-term success.

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The Housing Authority of the City of Alameda has provided housing assistance to thousands of low-income households through our Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher programs and by developing and managing our own properties.

Commercial Space

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, the now decommissioned Naval Air Station presents a prime opportunity for redevelopment. With an iconic waterfront setting, stunning views, large tracts of available land area, and close proximity to both Oakland and Downtown San Francisco, Alameda Point is a once-in-a-generation opportunity offering dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline. Office, warehouse, hangar and mixed-use spaces are available from 212 square feet to 86,710 square feet.

Alameda Point is located west of Main Street at the northwest end of the City of Alameda, offering dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline. Office, warehouse, hangar and mixed-use spaces are available from 212 square feet to 86,710 square feet.


The highly coveted Northwest Territory Runway is one of Alameda Point’s most interesting outdoor spaces. Formerly used as Alameda Naval runway, the NWT is a unique piece of open land perfect for holding large events. Our users range from Myth Busters, Tesla Motors, SFMTA, to Under Armour. Large scale events that have been held here include the monthly Antiques Faire averaging 12,000 attendees and the and highly successful, BMW Ultimate Driving Ride and Drive Experience.

Please check the rules and regulations before you apply. These guidelines can help determine whether your event aligns with the permitted use of this space.

Please note the process for a license application/license agreement is 2-3 weeks once all documents are received. Please plan accordingly.

Rules and Regulations                           Insurance Requirements                         License Application                                       NWT Access Map



Alameda has a long history of being a hot spot to film movies. Alameda Point’s filmography history is impressive, but before you sit in the director’s chair, make sure all your permits are in order by following these guidelines.

In order to film, you must fill out and complete an application. Depending on the site availability, and what your shoot incorporates, check the rules and regulations for use.

Commercial and non-commercial use is prohibited without a license agreement and permits obtained from the City. After you submit your application, check the City’s filming section for permits that apply to your event. The City of Alameda and RiverRock Real Estate Group work together to gather and approve all your permits within a timely matter, but make sure to submit all your material at least 3-4 weeks in advance.


The picturesque Alameda Point boasts some amazing photo opportunities, but before you start your shutter, please follow our guidelines.

If you are venturing off public areas (sidewalks and roads), including parking lots to photograph any buildings and/or using any of your shots for commercial use, you must contact the Alameda Point Property Management office to obtain a license agreement before your shoot takes place.  You must also get a film permit through the City of Alameda's Permit Center. Please allow 2 weeks processing.

Photographing onsite of leased premises requires permission from the tenant.

License Application                                      Film/Photo Permit                            Alameda Point Map